Brett was able to get us exactly what we wanted. Thanks Brett!!


Nick Wingert did a great job with my case and made sure I wasn’t convicted of an OWI. The case was dismissed after a suppression hearing. He argued the deputies violated my constitutional rights. Nick was truthful and trustworthy of me, especially being from out of state; all he got to see of me was my mugshot. I can say with absolute certainty he is willing to do his best to get the results you want.


I contacted Nick via phone, he handled probably one of the toughest divorce cases in history. Nick with his vast knowledge and resources was able to use the laws of Iowa and outcomes from Iowa case history to successfully have the judge reverse his previous decision without the need for appeals court. Nick handled the whole case for me and never once left me uncertain of possible outcomes. He was very straight forward and gave me options for consideration but always had the knowledge to make the right decisions. Nick handled this case without ever meeting in person and was able to make the process flawless doing everything via email even though we were 1000 miles apart. The next time you find yourself in need of a attorney I would highly recommend Nick Wingert.


Nick did an extraordinary job with my case. Was able to help me get 50/50 of my daughter and was very professional and knowledgeable about the laws surrounding this area. He was very down to earth and up front about the case. Affordable and a pleasure to work alongside. Would recommend to anyone who needs representation with child custody cases. Thank you Nick!


Brett Hall is and was a professional. He was thorough, understanding and caring of my thought, fears and concerns. He directed me in the correct directions but also understood that I had the final decision on how we would proceed. He was genuinely concerned and I believe he went above and beyond on what he has done for me and my family. I would highly recommend Brett Hall for any of your legal concerns.


Nick did not stop at anything; hired day of court and he dropped every thing to help me when I had nobody else.


Mr. Hall is extremely professional and knowledgeable. He is also warm, friendly and compassionate – given that circumstances necessitating his employ are not always pleasant, this is much appreciated.



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