Do I really need an attorney for my divorce?

At Hall Law Firm, P.L.C. we often hear people say, “we want to get a divorce as cheaply as possible” or “we already have everything worked out, so I don’t think we need an attorney”. Unfortunately, this is not often accurate. Couples can complete agreements without completely understanding all their rights under the law or the lasting future consequences. Further, even in seemingly simple divorces, the parties often still benefit from legal advice in matters involving tax considerations, retirement, and health insurance issues. It is important to remember that a property division in a divorce cannot be changed once a Decree of Dissolution is ordered by the court, except in very limited circumstances. All too often, couples set out to obtain a quick divorce and regret it later.

Your spouse may tell you that you do not need an attorney, or that you both can retain one attorney to complete your divorce. However, one attorney cannot represent both spouses in a divorce, since both you and your spouse have conflicting interests. It is important to keep in mind that your spouse’s interests moving forward do not necessarily align with yours. The safest course of action is to seek your own attorney for advice before signing any documents. Your signature may result in legally binding court documents. By signing documents without consulting an attorney you could unknowingly waive or give up important legal rights. After a consultation with an attorney you may decide retaining them is unnecessary, but at least then you will have peace of mind knowing your rights have been protected.

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